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About Us...

The Centre To Realign was founded by Yvette Annand and Juliet Martine. Lifelong friends and colleagues from opposite sides of the world, they now work together in conscious collaborative community at the Centre To Realign on the Central Coast of NSW, 1hr north of Sydney.

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Yvette Annand: Passionate about evoking transformation and growing conscious, connected people and community. Empowerment Coach, Leadership Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher

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Juliet Martine is an intuitive energy healer, somatic therapist, manifestation coach, and spiritual teacher.


Over the past 20yrs Juliet has worked with thousands of clients around the world from all walks of life. She assists with health issues, relationship difficulties, work and career challenges, financial blocks, and life purpose guidance and direction.


Juliet's empathic approach, intuitive wisdom and spiritual understanding provides a safe and effective space for people to heal, learn and grow.


Through her one-on-one sessions, group work, books, online programs, and podcast, Juliet helps people to:

  • increase their level of inner awareness, understanding and insight

  • release, clear and heal any energetic blocks that are holding them back, and

  • transform limiting thought patterns, coping mechanisms and behaviours

so you can free yourself to move forward with a greater sense of ease, personal empowerment and fulfilment in life.

Visit the Centre To Realign

If you feel the need for time out to receive a little extra healing, assistance or support, Juliet and Yvette offer one-on-one stays to support you on your journey, where ever you are currently at.


Be it work-life balance, overwhelm and burnout, stress management, trauma or grief assistance, intuitive business guidance and mentoring, we are here to assist in whatever ways we can.


Simply contact us and we can chat about what will assist you best. 

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If you'd like to connect or you have any questions, feel free to contact our Founding Visionaries:

Juliet Martine - call +61 (0)413199649 or email at


Yvette Annand - call +61(0)490949064  or email at

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